mid November, we finally get rid of him, in a trade that I

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uk canada goose 7 https://www.goosesea.com points submitted 1 day agoI think that anybody that actually looks at how this season has played out realistically can be that unhappy. Let go through a brief timeline of the season:Going back to last summer, Jimmy was already creating a shitshow that carried into the first month of the season. He was incredibly disruptive and you could see from the body language of the team on the court that it was affecting the team.mid November, we finally get rid of him, in a trade that I still maintain worked out well for both teams. uk canada goose

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canada goose coats on sale Were talking about someone who lived in an era rife with political voting corruption by every party, no serious concept of acceptance for (insert modern social issue) and who used police to,violate multiple constutional rights. Or did you canada goose uk delivery miss the constant pushing of white nationalist rhetoric like replacement genocide and third world culture via importing immigrants canada goose shop europe pushing in that sub on a daily basis?Or did you miss the full throated support that many in that sub gave to the New Zealand shooter? Or when they made themselves out to the victim of the shooting instead of Muslims?You have not shown how I am „not a libertarian”I actually have, the issue is that you can possibly fathom how supporting a white nationalist strongman is possibly a threat to liberty.Having any original thoughts whatsoever or upsetting the head mod warrants a ban in that sub.And that Healthcare costs continued to rise at an alarming right (though at a slightly lower rate than before)And Heath insurance rates canada goose uk head office continue to canada goose costco uk skyrocketAnd the number of people on medicaid is crazy, Medicare expenditures are expected to be about half of all medical costs in the next 5ish years. (baby boomers)And they confused health insurance for health care.And they lied to get it passed (to be fair. canada goose coats on sale

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canada goose The fucking army? Are you serious? As somebody who was once in the US military, but got the fuck out as soon as possible, let me tell you about how truly evil and depraved the military is. During Basic Training, we were forced to this chant before shooting at the rifle range : „If they brown, shoot them down!” At the rifle range, we fired at both adult sized targets and child sized targets. Half the targets were painted as being armed, and half the targets we were supposed to shoot at were painted as innocent civilians holding flowers canada goose.